The Green Hopper was created for people passionate about hemp. We are a group of entrepreneurs that, 20 years ago, envisioned a world where hemp would be legal and people would put aside all their prejudice about a plant that has been cultivated for thousand of years and used for many different medical and recreational use.

With previous work experience in several areas, we always felt that something was missing in our careers and that we should focus our lives in a project that really fulfilled our passion.

That moment has come! With the approval of the 2018 farm bill or Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 by congress on December 20th, we knew that a new industry would arise and that we should take a leap of faith and embrace ourselves in a new journey of discovery and entrepreneurship.

As this is a new industry in its early stages, our main goal is to bring education and information to people interested in learning more about this beautiful plant that is a great alternative for stress, pains, etc. The mother nature is really incredible!

Green Hopper is your connection to educators, legislators, farmers and products. We want to embrace different communities that together will spread the benefits of the Hemp.